Twin afflictions: immigration

Contrary to my father’s unwillingness to relinquish the past, I am desperate to remain in its tender embrace. At the living room window, I balance precariously on my tiptoes, watching for Mr. Carsrud to pull the squat orange bus with its rounded roof against the snow-crusted curb outside our apartment building. Globe-sized headlights and cranberry-lit […]



Anna Sochocky

My work has appeared in the Waterstone Literary Journal and has received Honorable Mentions in the New Millennium Writings and Fourth Genre Journals and third prize in the Larry Turner Award for Nonfiction.

I have been awarded Creative Nonfiction Mentorships with the SASE Nonfiction Mentorship Program and the Loft Literary Center, received residencies with Norcroft: A Writing Retreat for Women and the Room of Her Own Foundation.

I am a graduate of the Hamline Graduate of Liberal Studies program and the recipient of the Outstanding Creative Thesis Award. Learn more about me…

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